Puppy Preschool

Puppy pre-school is run at our Nambucca, Macksville and Urunga clinics. It is a fun way for you to learn about what’s important important for your new family member and for your puppy to learn lots about socialisation and basic obedience. This has many benefits including reduced behavioural problems and developing your pup into a well behaved member of your family and the community.

It is specifically designed for pups 8 – 12 weeks of age as this is a very important developmental period. This is the key time for basic training and to learn about other dogs and people. Missing this window of opportunity can result in a dog that doesn’t know how to interact well and may become fearful and/or aggressive. If your puppy is over 13 weeks of age, please contact us for advice on recommended training classes for your puppy.



What we cover

  • Socialisation- dogs, people, kids and scary sounds
  • Health – all general healthcare and preventative medicine
  • Nutrition- advise on which foods/diets are good and which are not
  • Fleas & ticks- the latest products and info on prevention and treatment
  • Environmental enrichment – tips on preventing and solving boredom
  • Behavioural issues- helping to prevent, recognise, and solve problems
  • Obedience – sit, come, stay, drop, stand, roll over, walk on lead, manners
  • Toilet training – effective, easy methods for different puppies
  • Grooming – bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and hair maintenance
  • Puppy graduation- presentation of certificates and loads of goodies!

Puppies must be vaccinated by a veterinarian prior to attending classes. New classes are run regularly out of the clinics and are held one night a week for 5 weeks for one hour. Cost is $120 per course or $200 if you have two puppies.  Contact us any time to book your new friend in for some fun schooling.

Puppy PreSchool Brochure

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