Pregnancy diagnosis

Ultrasound is an extremely useful tool to determine the viability of your animal’s babies and their age whilst they are still in the womb. It is not always possible to determine the exact number of babies present via ultrasound as they are constantly moving. If you are more interested in the number of babies present in your animal we can take radiographs for a more accurate assessment.


Caesareans may be indicated if your dog is struggling to give birth, or has a history of birthing difficulties. This can be due to physiological factors associated with the bitch, or the size and presentation of the pups. Prior to a normal birth your dog or cat will begin nesting behaviour in the 6 to 12 hours before labour. They then will begin pushing out puppies at intervals of 15 minutes to two hours. 1 placenta should be expelled for each baby. If this interval is longer than 2 hours or you can see a stuck puppy you should call a vet for further advice.

Collection and Artificial Insemination

Our vets are able to advise our clients on appropriate times for semen collection and artificial insemination. We usually recommend progesterone testing within 5-7 days after the onset of heat to ascertain the right time to collect semen and inseminate. We are able to do breeding from collection both on the day and from frozen semen.

Trading Terms