Pregnancy Diagnosis

Pregnancy testing should make you money.

When you are breeding cattle, one of the most valuable management tools is pregnancy testing. The classic image of a vet at the back end of a cow will actually provide you with a wealth of information by knowing which cows are pregnant and how far pregnant they are. This can help you to manage stock, plan ahead and is one of the best ways to identify a fertility problem early on. A beef cow who does not have a calf costs you money. She eats valuable energy your other cows and calves can turn into dollars.

If you don’t find out there is a problem till calving time because no or few calves are born, the season can be a disaster and the chance to do anything about it has long gone. Pregnancy testing will detect low pregnancy rates much earlier and more timely investigation and management can be undertaken which can be invaluable.

So, whether you have 5 or 500 cows, pregnancy testing is going to benefit you. Contact us about how and when to test your cows.


Bull Testing

A sound and ferNew calf 2tile bull is essential for any successful breeding program. Having your bulls examined before joining involves a thorough physical examination with or without collection and evaluation of semen. It is a bit like a mechanic checking a vehicle before giving a roadworthy certificate. Putting an infertile bull out with cows is of no value to anyone so knowing your bulls are ready and able to work is very important. If you have the bulls, we can assess them for you.

Calving Assistance

If your cow is struggling to calve naturally and needs some extra assistance, each of our vets are trained to use veterinary techniques to get your calves out in the best condition as quickly as possible.

Abortion Investigations

A breeding herd needs to do just that, produce sufficient numbers of healthy offspring at the desired time. When things go wrong it can be a major problem for you and your animals. We deal regularly with fertility issues in livestock and have the knowledge and equipment to assist you with both prevention of these problems in the first place and/or investigation of any mishaps that do occur.

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