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Before Artificial Insemination (AI) all breeding of mares was by natural service – either unassisted in the field or in a more controlled setting often called hand breeding where handlers bring the mare and stallion together. AI is the process of breeding a mare using semen that has been collected from a stallion and then placed into the uterus of a mare using instruments designed for this purpose. Mares can be artificially inseminated using fresh, chilled or frozen semen.

Obviously natural service works and many mares are bred this way every year. However, AI offers a number of potential advantages including:

  • Decreased chance of injury to the stallion, mare and handlers
  • Prevents the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like Equine Herpies Virus and also other diseases such as Equine Influenza which can be spread by close contact
  • Semen can be collected from stallions with injuries or other issues which prevent them from serving mares naturally
  • Mares with injuries or other problems can be managed and bred safely and more effectively
  • Mares and/or stallions do not need to travel and be left on site for long periods. Every year we see mares returning from long stints on far away properties in very poor condition, injured and not pregnant. Being located right on the Pacific Hwy means that we can receive semen from practically anywhere in Australia within 24 hours of collection making AI a saver of time, money and major hassles.

Ask us about AI for your mare and take advantage of the benefits it has to offer.

scan Scanning and Pregnancy Diagnosismegcolli

If you want to know when to mate your mare, if she is pregnant, or how far pregnant she is we can give you all the answers.  Using our equine ultrasound machine, we are able to get valuable information from the ovaries and uterus such as follicle size, whether there has been an ovulation or if there is any disease. This allows us to treat problems and/or get the timing of mating correct. We can also detect pregnancies, age them and deal with problems such as twins.

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