Nambucca Team


Dr Rodnrodneyey Anderson

I grew up on a beef cattle property in Central Queensland, and moved to Tasmania after graduating from University of Queensland in 1992. After 3 years of mainly dairy cattle work and acclimatisation to weather extremes, I went overseas to do locum work in the UK, and backpack around the globe for 2 years. I returned and got as far as Nambucca Heads, which was almost 20 years ago!  I enjoy small animal surgery, and getting outside to do cattle work. My home and family life takes up most of my spare time, but playing tennis, getting out in the boat and working on the farm is great fun.

Dr Jennjennyy Keay

Graduating with Honours from the University of Queensland in 2006, I lunged straight into an equine intern position at Oakey Veterinary Hospital, an equine veterinary specialist centre. The hospital was a mixed practice that largely saw equine medicine and surgery. It was also a university teaching school and a great place to start my career, but missing the coastal environment I decided to move on after a few years.
After moving southwards to the Mid North Coast in 2008 and starting a family, I am now a veterinarian at the Nambucca Heads practice. I have a keen interest in my equine friends and small animal medicine and surgery. When not at work you will find me out playing with my Arabian horses or spending time with my husband and two children which usually involves enjoying the pristine beaches we are lucky to have here.



Dr Kristie Neale

I grew up in country NSW and earned a Bachelor of Science from Sydney University and an Honours in Zoology from the University of Queensland. I travelled for 18 months overseas before beginning my long awaited journey through the wonderful world of Veterinary Science. When I graduated I worked in Maitland, the Hunter Valley and loved every minute of the job’s diversity. On many of my weekends off I also worked at the Newcastle Animal Emergency Centre. I left Maitland and worked for 6 months in the Southern Highlands before travelling north to the Mid North Coast. I’ve been here since January 2008 and I love the lifestyle, the climate, the animals and the challenge of everyday Veterinary Science. I have always had a strong interest in Avian, Reptile and Pocket Pet medicine. Every day I come to work I am in awe of the rich tapestry of the world of Veterinary Science. In my free time I enjoy cycling and hiking throughout the region.

Dr Joel Morrison

After graduating from the University of Sydney in 2015, I left the lights of the city for a lifestyle further north. Originally from a rural background in NZ, I now feel at home here on the mid-north coast with its plentiful beaches, beautiful rainforests and strong farming community.
I enjoy all aspects of Veterinary practice, from the small fluffy and scaly pets through to the biggest of farm animals. The best part of being a Vet is being able to share my knowledge and skills to improve the lives of both the patient and the owners.
After work I’ll often be found playing Touch footy or Oztag in Coffs Harbour and on weekends I enjoy trying to surf a few waves or escaping civilisation to sleep under the stars in one of our many national parks.


Dr KarenFullSizeRender Wilmer

I graduated from Murdoch University in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, then soon after furthered my qualifications with a Certificate in Veterinary Acupuncture.

My career has taken me from Darwin to the UK then back to Australia working in Victoria and NSW. Settling in the Mid North Coast in 2006 to raise a family I joined the Mid Coast Vets team in 2012. My Veterinary work over the years has focused mainly around medicine and surgery for dogs, cats and anything smaller, with Veterinary Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Reiki and Chinese Herbs being fantastic adjuncts to western medicines. I have a strong interest in resolving skin diseases, maintaining good pet dental care and providing education and support for clients. I take pride in being able to offer a high standard of patient and client care.

In my free time I will be found chasing children and enjoying the outdoors.



Angela is a fully qualified veterinary nurse with over 20 years of experience. She is a APDT dog trainer with a particular interest in puppy training and dog behaviour and has also completed numerous courses in animal behaviour and training. Angela’s hobbies include dog obedience and agility, horse riding and reading. Angela has also been running puppy preschool classes for the Nambucca clinic for the past 18 years.








Cassie grew up in a small town outside of Scone called Bunnan. She moved to Nambucca Heads when she was 13 years old. After graduating from Nambucca High School she worked as a butcher before deciding to become a vet nurse. Cassie grew up around horses, cattle and dogs. She enjoys camp drafting, team penning, working her dogs and teaching animals tricks. She has two children Jairah and Ashton whom she loves to bits.



I grew up on a small farm on the Mid North Coast with lots of different animals. I have great love and passion for horses and love to show jump in my spare time. I also enjoy spending time with my 3 kids, Noah, Billy and Isla and my partner John on our small hobby farm. We have 2 horses Joey and Sunny, a miniature horse Bear, Henry the dog, George the cat, chooks, and our loving and hilarious mini pig Kevin Bacon.

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