Preparing for your new puppy!

Getting a new puppy is a fantastic experience and a lot of fun. It is a really important time in a dog’s development and we would like to help you make it as positive as possible for all involved.

To ensure the transition from the breeder to your house is as stress free as possible it is important to be well prepared. It is best to try and keep things as similar as possible to the environment the pup has just come from. Taking a toy or blanket from the breeder which smells like its litter mates and mother can be comforting for the puppy. Initially keep the same diet that the breeder has been feeding and prepare it the same way to avoid gastrointestinal upsets.
Have a bed, pen or crate organised so the pup has a place of its own. Use of a product called Adaptil, which is a lactating bitch pheromone and comes as a diffuser, spray or collar, can help keep the pup comforted. Adaptil is used close to where the pup will sleep and if the diffuser is used it is plugged into a power socket and turned on 24 hours before the pup arrives.

Set in place house rules from Day 1 and apply those rules in a positive and consistent manner.  Have on hand a few appropriate toys, a lead and collar and let the fun begin. Pups are not born knowing how to be a great human companion, it is something they learn. Some find it easier than others. It is done through socialisation and training in a positive, supportive environment. A frightened puppy exposed to a new situation can become sensitised and may become vulnerable to developing emotional problems later in life.

A new puppy is not fully protected from various preventable diseases till it has completed its vaccination course. It is important to avoid areas frequented by other dogs of unknown vaccination status. In saying that isolating a pup completely is bad for its social development so a sensible, considered approach is required. Contact us if in you have any questions.

Puppy preschool is run at each of our clinics and is a wonderful way to help make your dog a great companion. It is a positive and controlled introduction to other pups, people and the vet clinic. We do some basic training, discuss health and dog care and help you understand your dog with some behavioural education. Puppy preschool is most successful when puppies are really young, anytime from 7-8 weeks of age and they must be vaccinated. Please contact the vet clinic as soon as you know your pup is going to arrive to book them in.
Remember we are here to help, please contact us if you have any further questions or need further advice.

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